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do people who are against self diagnosis realize how many ableist parents there are who won’t accept the fact that their child is mentally ill and refuse to get them diagnosed or get them any help for their disability

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it would be nice if people making those ‘if you ignore someone with a personality disorder when they ask for attention, you’re an ableist’ posts would realize that there are people who are habitually unable to interact and socialize with other people and, my god, those people are disabled too

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forgot how beautiful my backyard was

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If you are a mentally ill person who struggles with violent urges, impulse control, dissociation, anger control, psychosis, or other stigmatized and demonized conditions you are so fucking important and you matter and your needs matter and you deserve better

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ppl who always automatically assume every alien race is monogamous/heterosexual/has the same exact concept of gender

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Look at the stars,Look how they shine for you~*^.^*~
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.rain blog.
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Iridescent Pyrite - Shangbao, China

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